BillThis - The mobile practice management solution for equine veterinarians.

Mobile Practice Management for the Equine Vet

How to save time and money as a equine veterinarian?

How can I clone myself? Is a question that many small business owners ask themselves when answering the first question. There are not enough hours in the day is another response we often hear.

The unavoidable consequence of running a small business is that some effort is necessary to keep things going. Keeping records, billing, planning your week, keeping track of payment, following up on late payers, record keeping, scheduling clients, keeping track of helpers, and making sure you are not running out of things (gas, shoes, meds). Those are just a few of the activities that consume time. Time you would rather use to take on more clients or spend more time with friends and family. Being out on the road all day every day adds a whole level of complexity. The few tools there are available assume you are sitting behind a computer!

The BillThis Equine Vet app is designed to help you be more efficient on the road, by automating managerial tasks to make them as simple and straightforward as possible. These apps are lightweight custom mobile business management solutions with functionality and features designed specifically for equine veterinarians, farriers / blacksmiths and lawnscaping companies (mowers). Each app has been design from the ground up for a mobile experience, letting you do your business without entering any text at all, instead relying on voice-to-text (pre-entered text-to-voice), touches, swipes, and selections of pre-entered data from any internet enabled device.

The BillThis Equine Vet app consists of: business insights, financials, billing, patient records assisted by Alice, RX labels, and collaboration features for multi-veterinarian practices.

Flexibility you need
Anywhere, anytime access from any internet enabled device
Your device
Desktops, laptops, netbooks, chromebooks, tablets, phablets, smartphones
No feature bloat!
Light weight! All you need, nothing that you don't use.
No legacy functionality
Designed from the ground up for a mobile experience
Clean interface
No unnecessary distractions
Quickbooks (premium)
Sync at the push of button!

The bill prep screen


within seconds

  1. immediate payment or accounts
  2. weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing
  3. bill gets delivered by SMS or email
  4. accept credit cards through PayPal
  5. add sales tax on the fly
  6. sync with Quickbooks (desktop)

Business Insights

and more...

  1. Clients
  2. Transactions
  3. Money
  4. Mileage (optional)
  5. Sales Tax (optional)


no surprises
  1. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual revenues
  2. Invoiced, but not paid
  3. Completed, but not invoiced

Patient Records

available anytime, anywhere
  1. Record your work with permanent records
  2. Review patient records when you need them
  3. Document your work with audio, images and video
  4. Meet data retention requirements with cloud storage

RX Labels

at point of service
  1. compliant RX labels
  2. use our mobile label printers
  3. RX is part of client record
  4. WiFi or Bluetooth printers

Multi Vet Practices

  1. collaboration between the field and office
  2. always in sync
  3. provide efficient relief
  4. always 100% functional

Anywhere and anytime access.

Hosted in the cloud

Designed from the ground up for you. No legacy functionality and no feature bloat

Available now on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, and desktops.

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Flat monthly fee of $69.95

Premium features are quoted on a case by case basis.

Like what you are seeing! You can sign up by selecting Register on top and get started immediately. The first 30 days are on us!

Your clients pay you directly. You will receive our bill on a weekly basis exactly one week after your 30 day free trail period is over.

*Internet connection required. PayPal account required!

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